Meeting Minutes: Friday Office Poem

Meeting MinutesSciku is haikuFor science poems from proseAnswers in versesFirst five syllablesSeven syllables insideSeventeen in allAt the lab meetingI am the secretaryHere is what I haveBob is so boringAnd he interrupts so muchThat I want to dieBrenda’s nail polishStill smells strong from the salonI can’t sit with herBob doodles death threatsWith Brenda on a gallowsWe all want him goneIf the meeting endsIn murder would the God damnedMeeting ever end?These minutes onlyLast as long as lawsuits doToo long for haiku — Anonymous AdminNOTE“The use of haiku, which traditionally describe the wonder of natural phenomena, is part of a growing push, fueled in part by social media, to use unconventional means to make science more accessible,” Daniela Hernandez, “Haikus About Space/Make Science Less Tedious/So Hope Scientists: To get attention for their papers, scientists turn research summaries into poetry,” The Wall Street Journal.Visit: The Sciku Project: The Latest Scientific Discoveries in haiku form by zoologist Andrew Holmes.Also Read: The Reason No One Wants To Work at Public School Zero


Overpaid CEO Association of Imaginary Schools

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