Covid Sick Day: School Poem

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2 min readOct 26, 2023
covid viruses caught in a spider web

Covid Sick Day

As I lay
Sick in bed
I watched a fly
Hanging dead

The fly watched me
From his late eye
His look locked
In mute reply

A question from the
Spider’s web
Brought his buzz
To its ebb

I could have saved him
But I didn’t
My leisure was

At dusk he is the
Hanging judge
Whose wings hold
A silent grudge
— Ticky Kennedy

Reclusive Poet in Residence


“The common housefly flaps its wings about 190 times per second, and the human ear interprets that frequency as a pitch along the F major scale (which includes pitches F, G, A, B?, C, D, and E). While not every housefly is the same size and flaps at the same speed, the measurements are always proportional, ensuring the creatures consistently hit the same notes.”

— Do all Houseflies Hum in Key, Larra Morris, Electronic Engineering Journal

“Males of the olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae vibrate and stridulate their wings at dusk producing sounds different from flight sounds with no confirmed behavior role.”

— Acoustic Characteristics of Sound Produced by Males of Bactrocera Oleae Change in the Presence of Conspecifics, Nature: Scientific Reports

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