AutoCorrect Poem: Friday Office Poetry

AutoCorrect Poem

My dear Otto

Correct or disconnect

Lotto of language

I didn’t mean that

The meat of it

Or the meanness

Read not said

My Ouji board

Hoarder of words

After all these years,

Otto, how do you not

Know my name?

But love the names

Of nemesis past

Salesmen, lost friends

Rising to the top

Of the text like

Stones in a field

Down vile tormentor

Dementor, off-center

Shazam of thoughts

They say poetry is dead

But in the machine

It rages ages wages on


An article about autocorrect in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences entitled, “The neural architecture of language: Integrative modeling converges on predictive processing” is teaching us about how the human brain works. “In the past few years, artificial intelligence models of language have become very good at predicting the next word in a string of text; this technology helps search engines and texting apps predict the next word you are going to type. The most recent generation of predictive language models also appears to learn something about the underlying meaning of language. These models can not only predict the word that comes next, but also perform tasks that seem to require some degree of genuine understanding, such as question answering, document summarization, and story completion. Such models were designed to optimize performance for the specific function of predicting text, without attempting to mimic anything about how the human brain performs this task or understands language. But a new study from MIT neuroscientists suggests the underlying function of these models resembles the function of language-processing centers in the human brain. Computer models that perform well on other types of language tasks do not show this similarity to the human brain, offering evidence that the human brain may use next-word prediction to drive language processing.” See The American Association for the Advancement of Science Eureka Alert.

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